Resources to Support Your Kosher Program During COVID-19 and Beyond

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The Coronavirus pandemic certainly has had a full spectrum of effects on many people.  We sincerely hope that you’re all faring well.  Knowing how crucial kosher certification is to manufacturers and consumers alike, we’re making efforts to adapt to the present.

We’re thankful that, as a global organization, we have strong relationships with health experts and local authorities worldwide. Our leaders are in constant contact with them to make sure our safety policies and procedures meet or exceed the local guidelines.  In line with this, here’s a look at what we’ve worked on in the past few months:

  • Pioneering of Global COVID-19 Kosher Protocol: We devised a comprehensive and safe system for continuing to uphold kosher supervision for all clients, as well as a method to establish kosher programs for new clients without compromising on our standards.  This is all with full adherence to social distancing and up-to-the-minute hygiene guidelines.
  • Expanded Customer Support: We continue to accommodate clients who are expanding into new production sites, increasing production volumes, and in need of re-sourcing of hard-to-find raw materials.   If your company needs help in this way, be sure to submit an additional facility form, contact your account rep or reach out via [email protected].
  • Added Resources on We encourage companies in the consideration stages of obtaining kosher certification, as well as current clients, to have a look at some new features on our website:
  • Our NEW white paper, Reassuring Safety with Kosher in the COVID-19 Era, has been published as a guide for utilizing kosher certification to your company’s advantage in today’s pandemic market.
  • Our Kosher 101 Slideshow Presentations have been updated and specialized into subjects. They’re available to either download or use straight from our website.  They can be a valuable tool in educating yourselves or your teams.

If you haven’t yet, we encourage you to read about the life of Rabbi Don Yoel Levy, of blessed memory.  You may also have a look at the documentary film about OK Kosher, which we filmed with the late President and Kashrus Administrator of OK Kosher before his passing.

In continuation of Rabbi Levy’s legacy, OK Kosher is working as efficiently and successfully as ever, and helping our clients to get through this challenging time.  As before and always, we’re here for you to service your kosher needs.  We’d love to hear how you and your company are doing, and how we can support you and your kosher program.  Don’t hesitate to reach out via your Account Rep, Rabbinic Coordinator, or [email protected].


Looking forward to better times ahead, for all.


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