The Buzz About Honey And a Sweet New Year

  • United States consumes 400 million pounds (181 million kg) of honey per year, of which 53 percent is imported.
  • Honey is 70% effective at destroying MRSA (antibiotic resistant staph infection) bacteria.
  • There are over 25,000 species of bees worldwide.
  • Honey is the only food produced by an insect that humans eat.
  • Consumption of locally produced, raw honey has shown to be effective in reducing environmental allergies.
  • Honey does not spoil when stored properly. Archeologists found a pot of honey in an ancient Egyptian tomb that was still fresh!
  • When substituting honey for sugar in baking you replace 1 cup of sugar with 3/4 cup of honey and reduce the liquid in the recipe by 1/4 cup.
  • The manna that sustained the Israelites during their forty of year wandering to the Promised Land is described in the Torah as having the flavor of “wafers made with honey”(Shemos 16:31).