Exter BV: Pure Taste From the Authentic Kitchen

Savor the authentic taste of traditional cuisine. The flavor of food of days gone by. That’s the essence of Exter. The pure flavor of traditional food made from ingredients sourced from nature and the farm. Food cooked like your grandmother used to – with passion and care.

This is what Exter has done for 70 years. Exter, started as a family business, has grown into a company that exports to 42 countries around the world. The company, located in The Netherlands, just north of Amsterdam, employs 65 people.

As a niche player Exter is committed to delivering the taste you want to create. It’s no wonder that Exter works together with food manufacturers from around the world, always with a personal touch and in close cooperation. Exter creates sophisticated taste bases of cooked meat, fish or vegetables. Imagine the delicious flavor of grilled chicken with sautéed onion and tomato or clear beef bouillon with leek and fennel.

Exter’s flavors are based on vegetable protein and it is this basic raw material that allows Exter to produce most of its products kosher certified by OK Kosher Certification.

Grilling, stir-fry, steaming, boiling and roasting – in Exter’s kitchens everything is cooked in traditional style. Slow cooking, respecting time and the purity of the produce. The aim is to tempt the consumer to taste and appreciate the difference and above all to keep coming back for more.

The five basic tastes have no secrets as far as Exter’s chefs are concerned. Bitter, salt, sour, sweet or umami, the chefs know how to transform these into the flavor you need for your product. A flavor that lingers. Not only in your mouth but also in your memory. That’s how Exter and its customers work together for their success. The worldwide network of distributors is ready to help you to make your food a genuine experience. Always personal, always available. Together they give flavor to life.

Exter has worked with the OK for the last 18 years. First supervised by Rabbi Spiro, and now by his son, its liquid aroma factory has been completely kosher for many years. As a matter of fact, the cooperation has been so successful that Exter is now moving from kosher campaigns that took place 4 times per year to full-time kosher production in its powder factory as well.

Mr. Ad van Vugt of Exter BV was recently honored at the Annual International OK Mashgiach Conference for his commitment to the kosher consumer and his longstanding relationship with OK Kosher Certification.

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