Rabbi Kalman Weinfeld

Kashrus Vaad

Rabbi Kalman Weinfeld is a member of the OK Kosher Kashrus Committee (Vaad), which is responsible for administering, maintaining and establishing the kashrus standards that govern the OK.

His lifetime involvement in kli kodesh, first in chinuch (Jewish education) for eighteen years and then in kashrus, has established him as an acclaimed expert in his field.  As a Rabbinic Coordinator at OK Kosher Certification, Rabbi Kalman has visited many food establishments all over the world.  His education, knowledge of halacha and training under the guidance of Rabbi Don Yoel Levy, OBM, have prepared him well for this new role, as he now mentors others in developing kosher programs.  Backed by years of experience, Rabbi Weinfeld personally administers the kosher programs of over 100 food service establishments in the United States and a staff of 200 Mashgichim, always ensuring the highest kosher standards while providing excellent service.

Rabbi Weinfeld lives in Crown Heights, Brooklyn with his wife and family.