Founded in 1935, OK Kosher is a worldwide leader in kosher certification. Our infrastructure of professional expertise extends from our New York headquarters to international affiliate offices and representatives around the globe.

Building upon the precedent set by our late Kashrus Administrator Rabbi Don Yoel Levy, the OK Kosher Executive Rabbinical Council holds the responsibility for all standards of Kosher law and policy that govern OK Kosher. Our Senior Management team guides our administrative departments, continuously shaping and improving the organization’s day-to-day functioning, its growth and development.

Each certified company is assigned both a Rabbinic Coordinator and a Customer Service Account Representative. Our rabbis are the foremost experts in their particular areas of food production and kosher law. They oversee the design, implementation and maintenance of each kosher program. Our experienced account reps are the central contact for all of our clients’ service needs. Our extensive network of internationally contracted Field Representatives meticulously inspects certified facilities at the highest caliber. They ensure that our kosher programs are well-run and trustworthy, every day, all over the world.

We are supported by a large and highly skilled administrative staff. Their collective efforts maintain a smoothly run and efficient organization, enabling the OK to provide our clients and consumers with the highest level of service.