As you research kosher certification you’ll find a broad range of agencies. Choosing the right one is a vital business decision.  Be sure to familiarize yourself on what these assessment details should be!


OK Kosher offers the highest value kosher certification program in the world. No matter the size, all of our certified companies benefit from our top-quality service. Having the OK Kosher certification is known to enhance food companies’ marketing strategy and help them increase sales. Manufacturers and consumers alike recognize OK Kosher as independent verification of kosher, quality and integrity. The OK Kosher logo on your certified products is immediately recognized and trusted. Choosing the right kosher agency will enable you to break into markets that you were previously unable to reach.


OK Kosher Competitive Fees Include:
  • Complete kosher certification and audits package. Since 1935 the OK Kosher certification program has been the accepted standard of kosher achievement by consumer and kosher authorities worldwide.
  • Trademark rights: OK Kosher maintains one of the most instantly recognizable kosher signs in the history of kosher certification. The OK logo’s simple and bold circled K is eye-catching and symbolizes Kosher, Innovation and Professionalism. The registered trademark of OK Kosher stands the test of time; it is widely understood, universally accepted and respected.
  • Personalized Service: Each OK Kosher customer enjoys the exclusive benefit of a dedicated Rabbinic Coordinator and Account Representative who are their designated points of contact at the OK. These knowledgeable professionals will guide you through the certification process and your ongoing kosher program with focus on support and training.
  • No charge for adding additional products and ingredients to your kosher portfolio (assuming no mass influx of new data such as may result from new acquisitions or installment of new production lines).
  • Technology: OK Kosher offers a state-of-the-art, online database management system for your Kosher Program. DigitalKosher makes the kosher certification process paperless, efficient and secure.
  • Training and Support: Our Manual for Manufacturing Facilities is designed to support you and your staff in administering the kosher program. The plant manual provides an overview of what kosher is, how it affects your manufacturing processes (from procurement and receiving to the final packaging and labeling), and the OK systems that are in place to achieve your kosher goals.  
  • Promotion of your company through our website, magazine, and tradeshows


What Determines The Certification Fee?

There are several variables that directly impact OK Kosher certification fees. First, it is important to understand that unlike other food and beverage certification models, OK Kosher annual fees are never tied to your company’s sales, size or production value. We pride ourselves on our competitive fees and transparent operations.

Kosher food processing is extensively regulated and has many processing requirements. One of the critical elements of kosher compliance program is ongoing auditing and monitoring to the production facility by trained rabbinical personnel. This auditing program is critical to a successful kosher program and the frequencies of audits are determined by type of products, processes and the production facility structure.

The key factors in determining OK Kosher Annual Certification Fees are the required frequency of kosher audits and site location. Although our network comprises Field Representatives across all 50 states, and 115 countries around the world, audit costs and travel expenses vary by location.

Since these variable factors are unique for each production facility, fees will necessarily vary from facility to facility. As a non-profit organization, we keep our fees as reasonable as possible, so that we can focus on our mission: “to certify, educate, advocate, and promote kosher.” We therefore invite you to apply and receive our comprehensive, no obligation proposal which will determine the viability of your company to obtain kosher certification, and the estimated costs involved.

Our goal is to make an ever growing selection of kosher products with uncompromising kosher standards available to kosher consumers, while providing top-notch service to our certified customers. OK Kosher’s superior value and competitive edge ultimately becomes yours.


We Help You Promote Your Business Through:
  • Free listing on and our Kosher Spirit Magazine.
  • Free Subscription to QuicKosher – The Kosher Food Industry Newsletter.
  • Free decorative wall certificate for display.
  • Free “OK Kosher Certified” signs for tradeshows.
  • Free kosher marketing tips


PLEASE NOTE: The OK Kosher symbol is a registered trademark. Its unauthorized use is a violation of trademark laws. Our rights in this regard are enforced to the fullest extent of the law. The OK symbol may not be used until a written contract has been executed with OK Kosher Certification.