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The Torah prohibits eating Chodosh – the grain harvest that has taken root after the Korban Omer was brought during the time of the Beis HaMikdash on the 16th of Nissan) – until the offering of the Korbon Omer of the next year when it becomes Yoshon. The laws of Chodosh (new grain) apply to only the five grains: wheat, barley, oat, rye, and spelt.

Practically speaking although many products may not seem to be a Chodosh issue on their own, they may contain an ingredient that may be Chodosh. There is a debate amongst Halachic authorities if the laws of Chodosh and Yoshon (“old” grain) apply in our days outside of the Land of Israel. Any kosher product that is imported to Israel, or produced in Israel, must be certified as Yoshon. There are kosher consumers, even outside of the Land of Israel, who follow the stricter opinions and will only consume Yoshon products.

Please Note: All OK products produced in Israel or intended for import to Israel are certified as Yoshon. Other products should not be assumed to be Yoshon. Keep in mind that many Yoshon products are done as a special production and the packaging can be very similar to the regular product, so it is imperative to check the product label each time you purchase the product to make sure that it states Yoshon on the label.