Kosher Spirit

Each day we satiate our physical hunger by eating a healthy, balanced diet of delicious kosher food. All of the gourmet delights we pamper our palates with are not enough to keep us going – our souls are not satiated. Our souls are hungry for spiritual nourishment.


Here at Kosher Spirit, we know that we need to feed body and soul in order to thrive. In every issue, we feed your body with delectable kosher recipes, holiday foods and nutrition guides. But that’s not all. Kosher Spirit delivers the latest news about kosher innovations, Chassidic insights and scholarly analyses of timely halachic issues. Whether you’re interested in how a product becomes kosher certified, the intricacies of producing kosher wine, or the complexities of certifying yoshon and shmitta items, you’ll find all of these issues on the menu of Kosher Spirit.


B’te’avon and L’Chaim U’Livracha!

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