Pas Yisroel is an additional level of kosher observance which denotes that grain-based products were baked with the participation of an observant Jew. While many observe the stringency of Pas Yisroel year-round, many others take care to consume only Pas Yisroel baked goods on Shabbos and Yom Tov, as well as during the Ten Days of Repentance, as a special stringency. Some Pas Yisroel products are not marked as such on the label, but if they are listed here they are Pas Yisroel. Please check this list often as the Pas Yisroel status is subject to change.

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Brand Name Product Name Symbol Status KID
First Street Blueberry Bagels - 59912 OK SYMBOL Pareve | Pas Yisroel TSXCNPP
First Street Cinnamon Raisin Bagels - 59914 OK SYMBOL Pareve | Pas Yisroel TTPXSQK
First Street Everything Bagels - 59916 OK SYMBOL Pareve | Pas Yisroel TVPJWPP
First Street Mini Plain Bagels - 63101 OK SYMBOL Pareve | Pas Yisroel TVRQJHD
First Street Onion Bagels - 59904 OK SYMBOL Pareve | Pas Yisroel TSSWMRR
First Street Pre-Sliced Plain Bagels - 59901 OK SYMBOL Pareve | Pas Yisroel KZGMTKK
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