Kosher Passover Compliance

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Passover is the eight-day “Festival of Freedom” during which Jewish people do not consume any bread, wheat pasta, beer or hundreds of other leavened products.

Millions of kosher consumers completely abstain from any leavened grain products during this holiday. Product examples include bread, cake, cookies, cereal, pasta and most alcoholic beverages. Food and food products that will be used for Passover must bear a reliable Kosher for Passover symbol. All products certified OK Kosher for Passover bear the OKP symbol.

If you are interested in making your products attractive to this growing market, please contact us. A Kosher Compliance associate will be happy to discuss your specific product and facility to assess whether they can be practically certified Kosher for Passover.

What is the holiday about?

Passover commemorates the rescue of the Jewish people from Egyptian slavery in the 13th century BCE. As the Jewish people left Egypt in haste, the sacks of dough they carried had no time to rise and baked in the sun instead. The flat bread that resulted was called “Matzah”. To commemorate this, no leavened products are consumed—or even owned—throughout the holiday.

Food and drink that contain even a trace of wheat, barley, rye, oats, spelt or their derivatives, and which were not guarded from leavening or fermentation are not “Kosher on Passover”. Moreover, almost any processed food or drink can be assumed to be not “Kosher for Passover” unless certified otherwise.

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