Continuing the Legacy of Rabbi Don Yoel Levy OB”M

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26 Nissan 5780
April 20, 2020

With profound sadness, we share the news of the tragic passing of OK Kosher’s President and Kashrus Administrator, Rabbi Don Yoel Levy, may his memory be blessed.  As an organization, it’s our current mission to continue Rabbi Levy’s legacy.

We are fortunate, that Rabbi Levy’s vision and foresight recognized the need to establish a Board of Trustees as well as a senior management team that he fully trusted. The Board and its management team continue to oversee the day-to-day operations and ultimate responsibility for our entire enterprise in a unified manner consistent with Rabbi Levy’s vision. They are responsible for maintaining the standards that govern the agency, in conjunction with our esteemed rabbinic leaders, and in accordance with Rabbi Levy’s clear direction.

Rabbi Levy was a well-known and distinguished personality throughout the kosher food and beverage industry and beyond. His vast scholarship and unshakeable principles drove his passion to expand and enhance kosher standards around the globe. Under his leadership, OK Kosher Certification has emerged as a trailblazer for the entire industry, establishing the standard for kosher supervision in all corners of the globe (over 95 countries). This has led the development, growth, and technological advances necessary to meet a soaring demand for kosher food worldwide.

We at OK Kosher will not only stand on his accomplishments but also strive to lead the way in ensuring the highest possible kosher supervision standards. If you need to reach management or the Board of Trustees, please contact [email protected]

View the film “Inside OK Kosher” below for a glance into the life’s work of our late Rabbinic Administrator, Rabbi Don Yoel Levy, of blessed memory.

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