A Guide to the Proper Use of the OK Kosher Symbol

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It is essential that the product name on the label exactly match the product name as it appears on the kosher certificate, and that it conform to the kosher restriction on the certificate, such as “D” or “Dairy,” “P” or “Passover,” etc. (Note; the word “Pareve” may be added where applicable, but the letter “P” may only be used to designate Passover certification.) We will request samples of your labels prior to printing, in order to prevent any errors.

Labels for private label customers who have signed an OK Private Label Agreement are also subject to the guidelines described here.

  • The OK Logo should be placed near the product name, and should be clearly visible.
  • Product packaging must also display the company name and address.
  • You may enlarge or reduce the OK Logo proportionally, but it cannot be changed in any other way. The OK Logo on a product should be as large as space will allow, typically above 10 mm wide. Printing of smaller sized OK Logos is allowed in certain circumstances where the physical size of the product packaging is too small to allow for the typical size, but the OK Logo must be clearly legible. In such cases, you can request authorization to use a “small variant” of the OK logo from your Account Rep.
  • Acceptable colors for the OK logo include black, blue, red, gold, white, or silver.
  • Printing the OK logo on an unauthorized sticker or a stamp is a trademark violation. In the event that you need to print a sticker (because of a misprint on the label or because it does not bear the OK symbol, etc.), the sticker must include the name of the product, the company name and location, and it must be permanently attached to the packaging. Before printing, the sticker MUST be approved by our office.

Please consult your Account Rep for the correct version of the symbol to be displayed on your retail or industrial certified product. This will prevent any mistakes and misunderstandings which potentially could lead to consumer confusion, product recalls and the necessity to notify the public.

Understanding the Purpose of the OK symbol:

In today’s global economy, where even basic commodities may originate in far-off lands, consumers are increasingly looking to trusted, independent authorities to inspect and approve the food and beverage products they feed their families. Transparency and compliance is their number one priority. The OK Kosher symbol provides that assurance and is uniquely poised to help companies focus on their target markets. The OK symbol is globally recognized as the highest standard of quality for Kosher foods.

The OK logo on the product label means:

  • An independent third party agency guarantees the highest regulatory standards
  • All ingredients were examined and approved by rigorous independent inspectors
  • Production facilities are under continuous compliance inspection
  • All supervision is securely monitored digitally to minimize any errors.

Important to Note:

The OK symbol may ONLY be used AFTER a certification contract has been fully executed, payment has been received and a kosher certificate has been issued for the product.

If your complete product line is not OK-certified (i.e. some products are not kosher or are certified by another agency), marketing verbiage must clearly convey this fact. Example: “Only products bearing the OK kosher logo on their labels are OK-certified.” Only companies whose entire product line is OKcertified may use our trademark kosher symbol to represent their company’s overall kosher status.

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