Q: What are the kosher laws?

The laws of kosher date back to the time of Moses, over 3300 years ago. They are very intricate and extensive, detailing which foods a Jewish person is permitted to eat, and the ways in which it may be prepared.  Although the essential laws have not changed since they were given at Mount Sinai, their application to issues presented by current food processing technologies requires an expertise in both kosher law and modern food technology.


Q: What does it mean to be kosher certified?

Some people have a mistaken belief that certified kosher food is food that has been blessed by a rabbi. In actuality, kosher certification confirms that a product meets the requirements and restrictions of kosher law. It is a process by which the kosher status of a product or establishment is warranted and guaranteed.


Q: What is the purpose of kosher certificate?

The kosher certificate confirms that a product is properly vetted and monitored. It also alerts customers to specific restrictions the product might have. Products are endorsed as kosher only when bearing the OK symbol on the label.


Q: There are a so many different kosher certifications and symbols. What’s the difference?

Each kosher certifying agency around the world has its own policies and procedures, as well as its trademarked symbol. Whether or not a product will be accepted is based on the standards, reliability and most importantly the symbol familiarity of the certifying agency in the marketplace. Consider the agency’s reliability among kosher authorities and its symbol recognition among consumers. Broad acceptance in both realms means considerably greater value. It’s in your company’s best interests to have an internationally recognized and well established kosher agency by your side.

Review the quick tips for “how to choose an agency”, to ensure sound decisions.


Q: What differentiates OK Kosher?

OK Kosher is the world’s largest independent kosher certification agency. Our kosher symbol is one of the world’s most valuable and recognizable kosher logos, trusted by consumers in North America and around the world each day.

We pride ourselves that while we certify companies large and small across the globe, our programs and personnel are custom-tailored to the needs and goals of each individual company. Our focus is on maintaining the highest possible kosher standards. This is the guarantee our trademark symbol represents to your customers and ultimately to kosher consumers.

Our 80 years of providing kosher certification has resulted in the development of advanced systems and operations, including digital systems that help our customers maintain OK Kosher’s stringent standards in an accessible, user-friendly way. Our continually updated Manual for Manufacturing Facilities (available electronically and in hard copy) describes the ins and outs of the OK Kosher systems.

It is only with the experience, dedication and a well- staffed customer service department that OK Kosher can achieve personalized customer service that is designed with the manufacturers needs in mind, whilst operating an international organization. At OK Kosher, our people are our greatest asset. OK Kosher customers enjoy the exclusive benefit of specially‐trained dedicated coordinators who bring together premium solutions, guidance and the world‐class expertise necessary to support your ongoing certification needs.


Q: What is your fee structure and how much will I pay?

OK Kosher certification fees are on a yearly basis.  In contrast to Organic or non-GMO certification, our fees are never tied to your company’s sales or size. Visit our Benefits and Pricing page for more information.