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Kosher certification relies on detailed knowledge of ingredients and process. But how do you obtain and organize the kosher statuses of hundreds of raw materials? And how will you know if the kosher status changes on one of them?

At OK Kosher, we’re proud to offer the innovation of DigitalKosher, a groundbreaking software that simplifies compliance, accelerates certification and ensures your data’s security.

At the onset of certification, you’ll gain access to a secure DigitalKosher account. Once logged in, you’ll have the kosher statuses of over half a million raw ingredients at your fingertips—all paperless, all updated in real-time. This helps you keep an immaculate approved ingredient list and accelerate clearance of ingredients, paving the way for prompt certification of your finished product.

Digital Kosher is also a secure and efficient way to communicate with your Rabbinic Coordinator, receive up-to-the-minute kosher status alerts and plan a seamless ingredient change if necessary.

The OK and DigitalKosher teams are committed to proactive, responsive, and helpful account management. We look forward to hearing how we can help your company become Kosher-certified.

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