Rabbi Chaim Fogelman

Member of the Executive Rabbinical Council

Rabbi Chaim Fogelman Of OK Kosher - Member Of The Executive Rabbinical Council

Rabbi Chaim Fogelman is a member of the OK’s Kashrus Committee (Vaad) responsible for administrating, maintaining and establishing the kosher standards that govern the OK.

Rabbi Fogelman is also a noted lecturer to Fortune 500 companies and consumers on kosher laws and production. He is a featured scholar at TorahCafe.com and serves as congregational Rabbi and Spiritual Leader of Itchke’s Shteibel in Brooklyn, NY.

Rabbi Fogelman joined the OK in 1993 at the request of his father in law, CEO and Kashrus Administrator, Rabbi Don Yoel Levy (ob”m). Rabbi Fogelman has held several positions at the OK, including developing and managing the kosher programs of a varied representation of kosher establishments.

In addition to several other roles, Rabbi Fogelman is responsible for the Consumer Marketing & Education branch at OK Kosher. He is the spirit behind Kosher Spirit magazine, with a readership of over half a million consumers worldwide.  Previously, Rabbi Fogelman served as Director of the New Companies Department from 1996 to 2006, where he and his staff developed protocols for certifying new companies, and as Director of the Food Service Department, administering certification for restaurants and catering businesses.