By Jeana Shin —

OK Kosher Certification Symbol Next to a Jar of Chongga Kimchi

Daesang FNF announced that its Chongga kimchi brand has been certified kosher.2014

The kosher mark is a food safety standard in North America and Europe. Qualifying for the mark is expected to ease the export of Chongga, the number one packed kimchi brand in Korea, to US$250 billion-size markets, since more health-conscious food-seekers around the world will be able to taste the quality kimchi.

“Kosher is a concept that includes halal. Muslims eat kosher food, although Jews do not eat halal food, which signifies that 1.8 billion Muslims around the world are also potential consumers of kosher food,” the company explained.

The company added, “We won both the halal and kosher marks for the first time in Korea, and this will add to the awareness of kimchi worldwide.”