Welcome to the New QuicKosher!

posted by January 2014

2013 was a year of continued growth at the OK, with hundreds of newly certified customers and ongoing service to our current customer base. This year we are revamping QuicKosher – the premiere kosher food industry newsletter. The new year will see a new design and an improved format with one article appearing at a time and more frequent emails, rather than quarterly, longer newsletters. The new QuicKosher will truly be a quick and informative read, featuring a concise article about new and relevant updates within the OK, complemented by innovations by OK certified companies that benefit the kosher market on a large scale.


We encourage you to interact with the newsletter and let us know what kosher topics you would like to see in upcoming issues. If your company is changing the face of kosher food production, please share your accomplishments with us (news@ok.org) so we can publicize and share them with our certified companies!


Remember, the OK is here to provide you with the highest level of customer service and help you provide your consumers with products that are Kosher Without Compromise. Your Rabbinic Coordinator and Account Representative are available by phone or email to answer any questions, provide walk-throughs of our unique software, and help you maximize the return on your investment in kosher certification.

Welcome, Rabbi Eli Lando!

posted by January 2011

Rabbi Eli Lando recently joined the staff of the OK as Chief Customer Relations Officer. Rabbi Lando was born and raised in Israel where he received ordination as a rabbi.  Rabbi Lando is also a graduate of UBC Business Sauder school.

Rabbi Lando began his career in kosher supervision at BC Kosher in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Rabbi Lando served as director of BC Kosher for six years, where he gained much practical experience in kosher certification, meeting with kosher certified companies around the world and visiting production facilities. Throughout his career in the Kosher industry, Rabbi Lando has been an early adopter of unique customer relations approach, understanding the competitive edge it can bring to an organization.

Rabbi Lando brings a unique perspective to our organization with his in-depth knowledge of customer needs. He serves an important role in assisting our customers and driving the team to provide the highest levels of service.

Rabbi Lando and his staff looks forward to making personal contact with each OK certified company and is always available through OK headquarters to speak with you and answer any comments or questions regarding your relationship with OK Kosher Certification.