Private Label Applications Now Automated

posted by September 2018

Dear OK Kosher Client,

At OK Kosher, we make every effort to provide thousands of food and beverage companies all over the world who engage OK Kosher in certifying their manufactured products with access to a wide range of quality services for their kosher certification needs.  To that end, we have recently automated the Private Label application process.  (Private Label products are those that are produced by an OK certified manufacturer but are labeled with another company’s brand name.)

Manufacturing companies under OK Kosher’s supervision can now offer this benefit to their Private Label customers.  The process begins with an online application form, to be filled out by the manufacturer, which gives us all the information needed to draw up an agreement for the Private Label customer.  This agreement is necessary to protect both the certified manufacturer and OK Kosher. There is a nominal, annual administrative fee per Private Label customer (fees are not charged per product), which will grant each Private Label company rights to market and sell any certified products with the OK Kosher symbol.

We are also excited to share that we have formed arrangements with key retailers, in order to make it easier and faster to add new manufacturer relationships to their existing Private Label agreements with OK Kosher. This is yet another way in which we strive to make our service more accessible to our customers.

For more information regarding private labels or to obtain an agreement, please contact your Account Representative or the Private Label Liaison at 718-907-9589 or

We would like to take this opportunity to wish those who celebrate the Jewish New Year, and all of our customers, a Shana Tova – a year full for blessings and success.

Rabbi Eli Lando,
Executive Manager & Chief Customer Relations

Adding a New Ingredient to Your List of Approved Ingredients

posted by September 2013

New ingredients are added to your list of approved ingredients by submitting a New Ingredient Application. There are two ways to submit the application – by faxing or emailing the application and kosher letter to the OK office, or by the preferred method of submitting digitally through DigitalKosher (ensuring better tracking and real-time updates). Once the application is submitted, along with a valid kosher certificate for the ingredient, an OK rabbi will review the application. If the application is approved, the Data Entry department will enter the ingredient in our database which adds the ingredient to your list of approved ingredients.

Form Changes

posted by June 2010

The OK has recently updated the Application for New Product or Formula and the form for Approved Ingredient in Stock with Expired Kosher Certificate. The best, most efficient way to submit information to the OK is through DigitalKosher. If you prefer to send paper submissions, kindly download the new forms from the the link below and use them for future submissions.

Application for New Product or Formula 02 25 08 _3_ _8_

Application for Ingredient in stock with expired KC Revised (12.11.09)