Yes, when bearing the OK Kosher symbol.

Barry Callebaut is the world’s largest chocolate manufacturer. It was created in 1996 through the merging of Belgian chocolate maker Callebaut and French company Cacao Barry. The Zurich, Switzerland-based company produces kosher products worldwide exclusively under OK supervision.

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About Callebaut and Kosher

Callebaut was founded in 1850 as a malt, brewery, and dairy company. It first produced chocolate in 1911, and has grown in stature and size ever since. In the U.S., Callebaut chocolate is generally sold to other companies rather than to the consumer. This is why you may not necessarily find a product labeled “Callebaut” on your store shelf, though it is used in many premium kosher chocolates.

Callebaut and the OK first crossed paths in the late 1960s. Callebaut was not yet a player in the lucrative U.S. market, and sensed that going kosher would generate strong demand here. This presumption proved correct. In his speech at the certification signing, Willy Geeraerts, Callebaut’s former head of Corporate Quality and Environment noted that the “Jewish channel was certainly at first the sales channel for our chocolate in the U.S.” Today Callebaut’s chocolate is recognized here and around the world for its unmatched quality and consistency.

The OK had supervised part of Callebaut’s operation for a quarter-century before the firm requested certification for its fifteen plants worldwide. The global certification of Barry Callebaut covers facilities in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, the United Kingdom, the U.S., Canada, Ghana, Singapore and Cameroon.

Rabbi Leizer Teitelbaum is the Rabbinic Coordinator for Callebaut.