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124 matches in category Flour × in brand Emigrain ×

Brand Name Product Name Symbol Status KID
Emigrain Atta____50 kg_Bag__Durum Chapati 140_313310000080 OK SYMBOL Pareve TDVJTBB
Emigrain Atta__Bulk_Loose_Chapati 140_313310000043 OK SYMBOL Pareve PXXKMXS
Emigrain Atta__Bulk_Loose_Durum Chapati 140_313310000045 OK SYMBOL Pareve XQCBHJZ
Emigrain Atta__Bulk_Loose_Oman 140_313310000047 OK SYMBOL Pareve HXQQFGV
Emigrain Atta__Bulk_Loose_Regular 140_313310000044 OK SYMBOL Pareve SLMFXLT
Emigrain Atta_Al Baker_10kg_Bag_Flour no.2_(New_Poly_brown_color) 140_313586000475 OK SYMBOL Pareve FDDLZFW
Emigrain Atta_Al Baker_10x_1kg_Carton_Brown Flour_UNIPEX 820_313310000124 OK SYMBOL Pareve NZZQKLJ
Emigrain Atta_BULK_LOOSE_BROWN FLOUR 140_313310000123 OK SYMBOL Pareve PXXQFKX
Emigrain Atta_Emigrain__50 kg_Bag_Bhatti 140_313310000017 OK SYMBOL Pareve ZZRPCRR
Emigrain Atta_Emigrain__50 kg_Bag_Whole meal 820_313310000119 OK SYMBOL Pareve XSMTSQC
Emigrain Atta_Emigrain_50kg_Bag_Classic-2_Unipex _New 140_313310000120 OK SYMBOL Pareve HBHFNKF
Emigrain Atta_Emigrain_50kg_Bag_Classic-2_Unipex _New 820_313310000120 OK SYMBOL Pareve BCHDXMF
Emigrain Biscuit Flour_Emigrain__50 kg_Bag 140_313319000006 OK SYMBOL Pareve GDWHMVC
Emigrain Biscuit Flour_Emigrain_Bag_FG 50 kg new 140_313319000021 OK SYMBOL Pareve SBVJSCF
Emigrain Biscuit Flour_Tiffany_Bulk-FG 140_313319000010 OK SYMBOL Pareve CVFMNFN
Emigrain Bran__30 kg_Bag_Toll Mill 140_312331000011 OK SYMBOL Pareve TSQBNRN
Emigrain Bran__30 kg_Bag_Toll Mill 820_312331000011 OK SYMBOL Pareve GDTDRGK
Emigrain Bran_1x_1MT_Jumbo bag_FG_FHT_fine_bakery 140_313331000014 OK SYMBOL Pareve PKJRVXC
Emigrain Bran_1x_1MT_Jumbo bag_FG_FHT_fine_bakery 820_313331000014 OK SYMBOL Pareve TNWNFVJ
Emigrain Bran_1x_1MT_Jumbo bag_FG_for FHT 140_313331000012 OK SYMBOL Pareve PQQLBHJ
Emigrain Bran_1x_1MT_Jumbo bag_FG_for FHT 820_313331000012 OK SYMBOL Pareve ZCXCXLM
Emigrain Bran_1x_1MT_Jumbo bag_FG_for FHT_NBC 140_313331000013 OK SYMBOL Pareve XVCDWVF
Emigrain Bran_1x_1MT_Jumbo bag_FG_for FHT_NBC 820_313331000013 OK SYMBOL Pareve DVXMTJH
Emigrain Bran_25kg_Bag_coarse_Mdlz 140_313331000031 OK SYMBOL Pareve VFPSNBJ
Emigrain Bran_50 Kg_Bag_Toll Milling 140_313331000009 OK SYMBOL Pareve KRFKPHP
Emigrain Bran_50 Kg_Bag_Toll Milling 820_313331000009 OK SYMBOL Pareve SSPNNGT
Emigrain Bran_Bulk_INT_for packing 140_313331000027 OK SYMBOL Pareve KHJVCDN
Emigrain Bran_Bulk_INT_for packing 820_313331000027 OK SYMBOL Pareve CPPDKHX
Emigrain Bran_Bulk_Tanker_FG 820_313331000029 OK SYMBOL Pareve PQQKVBD
Emigrain Bran_Emigrain__30 kg_Bag 140_312331000006 OK SYMBOL Pareve NWHSPRB
Emigrain Bran_Emigrain__30 kg_Bag 820_312331000006 OK SYMBOL Pareve MPDLJRJ
Emigrain Bran_Emigrain__50 kg_Bag 140_312331000009 OK SYMBOL Pareve MVLHHMF
Emigrain Bran_Emigrain__50 kg_Bag 820_312331000009 OK SYMBOL Pareve TKZMFNP
Emigrain Bran_Emigrain_30kg_Bag_coarse 140_313331000023 OK SYMBOL Pareve MNXCFTZ
Emigrain Bran_Emigrain_30kg_Bag_Pepsico 140_313331000021 OK SYMBOL Pareve FHNWDQB
Emigrain Bran_Emigrain_30kg_Bag_Pepsico 820_313331000021 OK SYMBOL Pareve QHPNXBC
Emigrain Bran_Emigrain_Bag_30kg_Fine Bakery 140_313331000018 OK SYMBOL Pareve RBDBPGD
Emigrain Bran_Emigrain_Bag_30kg_Fine Bakery 820_313331000018 OK SYMBOL Pareve HZFDMZW
Emigrain chakki atta sharbati bulk loose 820_313376001500 OK SYMBOL Pareve PZMJMSV
Emigrain Chakki Atta__Bulk_Loose_ Hareesh 140_313376000046 OK SYMBOL Pareve HJXZGVF
Emigrain Chakki Atta__Bulk_Loose_Fresh 140_313376000045 OK SYMBOL Pareve PRDWTLM
Emigrain Chakki Atta_2kg_INT 820_313376001472 OK SYMBOL Pareve XNFVSRZ
Emigrain Chakki Atta_5kg_INT 820_313376001473 OK SYMBOL Pareve QPZVKNG
Emigrain Durum Semolina___20*1 kg__Bag__Pizza Hut Semolina 820_313445000019 OK SYMBOL Pareve JDDZGFC
Emigrain Durum Semolina__Bulk_Loose_Fine 140_313445000010 OK SYMBOL Pareve ZPTHJKF
Emigrain Durum Semolina__Bulk-FG 140_313445000001 OK SYMBOL Pareve XJZXWRJ
Emigrain Durum Semolina_Al Awal__50 kg_Bag_Fine 820_313445000040 OK SYMBOL Pareve BMXFQQQ
Emigrain Harees__Bulk_Loose 820_315538000012 OK SYMBOL Pareve QPSNQMJ
Emigrain Harees_40 kg_Bag 820_315538000004 OK SYMBOL Pareve LZWSZNN
Emigrain Maida Emigrain Bag Pizza Flour_@25 kg 140_313586000513 OK SYMBOL Pareve WZXWLCD
Emigrain Maida Emigrain Bulk Losse New Pizza Flour 140_313586000515 OK SYMBOL Pareve LRNTSHM
Emigrain Maida Flour__Bulk_Loose_apw flour 140_313586000165 OK SYMBOL Pareve SPDCHMN
Emigrain Maida Flour__Bulk_Loose_Arabic Flour 140_313586000167 OK SYMBOL Pareve RKXNPQD
Emigrain Maida Flour__Bulk_Loose_CWRS flour 140_313586000176 OK SYMBOL Pareve FJWWWQB
Emigrain Maida Flour__Bulk_Loose_Pizza_Flour_New 140_313586000206 OK SYMBOL Pareve DRNBWZL
Emigrain Maida Flour__Bulk_Loose_Premium blend 140_313586000194 OK SYMBOL Pareve LJWGPTS
Emigrain Maida Flour__Bulk_Loose_Regular 140_313586000175 OK SYMBOL Pareve PGZFNKW
Emigrain Maida Flour__Bulk_Loose_Soft straight run 140_313586000198 OK SYMBOL Pareve FWNGXTG
Emigrain Maida Flour__Bulk_Loose_Soft Wheat 140_313586000199 OK SYMBOL Pareve HMQWCMR
Emigrain Maida Flour_Gold Medal_Bulk_Loose_Gold Medal(GM) 140_313586000183 OK SYMBOL Pareve SNNLGFK
Emigrain Maida__10 kg_Bag 140_313586000038 OK SYMBOL Pareve QJSBHJD
Emigrain Maida__40 kg_Bag_Cake Flour O2/3 140_313586000051 OK SYMBOL Pareve KPKLDMN
Emigrain Maida__50 kg_Bag_Cake Flour 140_313586000053 OK SYMBOL Pareve QNGMMGS
Emigrain Maida__50 kg_Bag_Local Premium 140_313586000089 OK SYMBOL Pareve DBBQCWB
Emigrain Maida_10_x1kg_Carton_Patent flour 140_313586000375 OK SYMBOL Pareve LWTCSXR
Emigrain Maida_10kg_Bag_APF_Lulu 140_313586000465 OK SYMBOL Pareve FZZGXLH
Emigrain Maida_10x_2kg_Carton_APF_Lulu 140_313586000467 OK SYMBOL Pareve XLBBMXD
Emigrain Maida_10x_2kg_Packs_GoldMedal_GMKT_Unipex 820_313586000459 OK SYMBOL Pareve LZNSWMK
Emigrain Maida_1x_1MT_Jumbo bag_Bis_Emigrain 140_313586000383 OK SYMBOL Pareve JTHBQTP
Emigrain Maida_1x_1MT_Jumbo bag_Bis_Ig 140_313586000381 OK SYMBOL Pareve FLFMZVX
Emigrain Maida_1x_1MT_Jumbo bag_Bis_tiffany 140_313586000384 OK SYMBOL Pareve KQQBWJV
Emigrain Maida_1x_1MT_Jumbo bag_Industrial 140_313586000382 OK SYMBOL Pareve WWZZLWK
Emigrain Maida_1x_1MT_Jumbo bag_Pasta_For_FHT_FG 140_313586000423 OK SYMBOL Pareve MPKSNJC
Emigrain Maida_1x_1MT_Jumbo bag_unchlorinated_For_FHT_FG 140_313586000431 OK SYMBOL Pareve CDNHRJT
Emigrain Maida_1x_1MT_Jumbo bag_Wafer 140_313586000480 OK SYMBOL Pareve ZTKSHCQ
Emigrain Maida_40kg_Bag_Wfr_st 140_313586000407 OK SYMBOL Pareve FSSTVJQ
Emigrain Maida_50kg_Bag_Cake_Doughnuts_Soft_Flour 140_313586000361 OK SYMBOL Pareve SZTSFHF
Emigrain Maida_Al Baker__10 kg_Bag_Plain 140_313586000032 OK SYMBOL Pareve MFCXGNG
Emigrain Maida_Bulk loose_Cake Flour_INW 140_313586000230 OK SYMBOL Pareve GTWCZKX
Emigrain Maida_Bulk_APBiscuit_Flour_N 140_313586000376 OK SYMBOL Pareve JHBGTPC
Emigrain Maida_Bulk_instant pasta_flour 140_313586000400 OK SYMBOL Pareve XXRCJNP
Emigrain Maida_Bulk_loose_KK Flour No. 1 140_313586000285 OK SYMBOL Pareve XNXXVCH
Emigrain Maida_Bulk_Loose_o2/3_New 140_313586000482 OK SYMBOL Pareve RWXQGMD
Emigrain Maida_Bulk_loose_Russian 140_313586000275 OK SYMBOL Pareve ZBTGMQF
Emigrain Maida_Bulk_Pasta_LA_FG 140_313586000378 OK SYMBOL Pareve HFDVTWJ
Emigrain Maida_Cake_Doughnuts_Flour_BULK 140_313586000388 OK SYMBOL Pareve KCFCLBX
Emigrain Maida_Dunkindoughnut__20 kg_Bag 140_313586000293 OK SYMBOL Pareve QQVGVVS
Emigrain Maida_Emigrain___40 kg_Bag__Tiffany_Digestive 140_313586000300 OK SYMBOL Pareve BNXSZZQ
Emigrain Maida_Emigrain_25kg_Bag_REPROCESS Flour 140_313586000538 OK SYMBOL Pareve VDQSMGN
Emigrain Maida_Emigrain_40kg_Bag_Cake _ Flour _ O2/3_Emigrain _New 820_313586000443 OK SYMBOL Pareve ZHGSBTT
Emigrain Maida_Emigrain_45kg_Bag_Super Moist Cake Flour 140_313586000229 OK SYMBOL Pareve HHVFQXS
Emigrain Maida_Emigrain_45kg_Bag_Wafer _ Flour _Unipex _New 820_313586000444 OK SYMBOL Pareve SQRHRTB
Emigrain Maida_Emigrain_50 kg_Bag_Donut Flour Bakery K3 140_313586000278 OK SYMBOL Pareve XBSSCGV
Emigrain Maida_Emigrain_50 kg_Bag_PepsiCo. OC 140_313586000321 OK SYMBOL Pareve VDKLPSX
Emigrain Maida_Emigrain_50kg_Bag_Biscuit Flour_Igloo 140_313586000238 OK SYMBOL Pareve GWZNHJG
Emigrain Maida_Emigrain_50kg_Bag_KK Flour No1 140_313586000284 OK SYMBOL Pareve NLPBMDL
Emigrain Maida_Emigrain_50kg_Bag_Premium _Softwheat _Flour_Unipex _New 820_313586000438 OK SYMBOL Pareve FWZVLCJ
Emigrain Maida_Emigrain_Bag_50kg_Biscuit_ Flour_Unipex _New 820_313586000440 OK SYMBOL Pareve WJVNBJG
Emigrain Maida_Emigrain_Bag_Biscuit_ Flour_Unipex _New 140_313586000440 OK SYMBOL Pareve GMQZNVS
Emigrain Maida_Emigrain_Bag_RE-PROCESS Flour_50 kg_Bag. 140_313586000537 OK SYMBOL Pareve NVNSCXD
Emigrain Maida_Instant Pasta_flour_INT 140_313586000401 OK SYMBOL Pareve HDBXVTG
Emigrain Maida_New_B_KK2 140_313586000396 OK SYMBOL Pareve ZZRXWKN
Emigrain Maida_New_Wafer_Bulk_Loose_flour 140_313586000479 OK SYMBOL Pareve LWZLCMD
Emigrain Maida_Pristine_40kg_Bag_Cake flour_New 140_313586000484 OK SYMBOL Pareve NDHDKRM
Emigrain Regular Semolina__25 kg_Bag_Coarse 313712000008 OK SYMBOL Pareve JTLWHLD
Emigrain Regular Semolina_Swarna__4 lbs_Ctn-FG 820_313712000017 OK SYMBOL Pareve NJJBXXT
Emigrain Semolina_1x_1MT_Jumbo bag_Durum Fine Semolina 140_313445000046 OK SYMBOL Pareve RWRSKDP
Emigrain Semolina_20x_1kg_Bag_D_fine 820_313445000039 OK SYMBOL Pareve GCTPRMH
Emigrain Semolina_Al Awal_50kg_Bag_Coarse _Unipex _New 820_313445000041 OK SYMBOL Pareve PPBCQFZ
Emigrain Wheat Cleaned _Russian_INT 820_368850001491 OK SYMBOL Pareve XKSMNRG
Emigrain Wheat Germ_1MT_Jumbo bag_Regular 140_313165000012 OK SYMBOL Pareve NBNDKGQ
Emigrain Wheat__40 kg_Bag_PAK 820_368850001496 OK SYMBOL Pareve XJFQFPZ
Emigrain wheat_25kg_Bag 820_368850001484 OK SYMBOL Pareve TCBHSZT
Emigrain Wheat_40 kg_Bag 820_368850000021 OK SYMBOL Pareve LWSJMGJ
Emigrain Wheat_40kg_Bag_AR 820_368850001493 OK SYMBOL Pareve TTZFWTN
Emigrain Wheat_40kg_Bag_CN 820_368850001500 OK SYMBOL Pareve GQRKZBR
Emigrain Wheat_40kg_Bag_new_R 820_368850001483 OK SYMBOL Pareve RFJMNZQ
Emigrain Wheat_Bulk_Loose_Cleaned Chakki mix 820_368850001472 OK SYMBOL Pareve DSZBCNS
Emigrain Wheat_Bulk_Loose_Cleaned Harees mix 820_368850001473 OK SYMBOL Pareve JFDQPNR
Emigrain Wheat_Bulk_Loose_Precleaned_Transfer_Sharbati 820_368850001476 OK SYMBOL Pareve XCHJXXL
Emigrain Wheat_Cleaned_APW_INT 820_368850001492 OK SYMBOL Pareve ZGQRHJX
Emigrain Wheat_Cleaned_CWAD_INT 820_368850001501 OK SYMBOL Pareve XBPHSPV
Emigrain Wheat_Cleaned_PAK_INT 820_368850001495 OK SYMBOL Pareve WBFHZTN
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