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Brand Name Product Name Symbol Status KID
Dyla Various Beverages  
Dyla Stur Boldly Blue & Blackberry 48ml (8-53471-00474) OK SYMBOL Pareve PBNHWRC
Dyla Stur Coconut Pineapple 48ml (8-53471-00439) OK SYMBOL Pareve DFPFJBQ
Dyla Stur Freshly Fruit Punch 48ml (8-53471-00412) OK SYMBOL Pareve ZRMGZCK
Dyla Stur Grape Acai US 96x 1.62fl oz (8-53471-00464-6) OK SYMBOL Pareve XTSCMSQ
Dyla Stur Iced Grape Acai 48ml (8-53471-00464) OK SYMBOL Pareve DPSJBKL
Dyla Stur Lovely Lemonade 48ml (8-53471-00402) OK SYMBOL Pareve ZVCBGZW
Dyla Stur LWE EnrgyMixFruit Bulk US (96x42ml) OK SYMBOL Pareve PTJFSRH
Dyla Stur Naturally Skinny Black Cherry 42ml (8-53471-00462) OK SYMBOL Pareve LPPPLXH
Dyla Stur Naturally Skinny Orange Citrus 42ml (8-53471-00475) OK SYMBOL Pareve FBMHKKS
Dyla Stur Pleasant Peach 48ml (8-53471-004103) OK SYMBOL Pareve JRSCGWX
Dyla Stur Purely Pomegranate Cranberry 48ml (8-53471-00408) OK SYMBOL Pareve ZVDNDPT
Dyla Stur Simply Strawberry Watermelon 48ml (8-53471-00413) OK SYMBOL Pareve TTDCCNM
Dyla Stur Skinny Blk Chry US (96x 1.42fl oz) 00853471004622 OK SYMBOL Pareve DTKXQFB
Dyla Stur Tropical O-Mango 48ml (8-53471-00400) OK SYMBOL Pareve HNCQHQP
Dyla Stur Black Cherry Antioxidant Water Enhancer 48 ml (8-500179-56131) OK SYMBOL Pareve KNGRMRM
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