"Goldbergs Fine Foods: Est. 1972" Logo With A Bagel In The Center

Authentic New York deli foods combined with Southern hospitality. Since 1972, Goldbergs Fine Foods has been the go-to NY Style Delicatessen throughout Atlanta. Goldbergs may have expanded over the years, but the importance of quality, the concentration on the customer—the ideals and values reminiscent of times past—remain and are its continuing recipe for success.  Goldbergs Fine Foods specializes in a line of baked goods, deli salads and a number of extremely delicious frozen products. Bagels remain at the heart of the company. That’s why Goldberg’s staff continues to bake more than 500 dozen bagels every weekday and more than 1,000 dozen on the weekends. Using an Old World method, the handmade bagels are given a swift boil and are then set upon redwood boards, where they bask in a rotating, 500-degree oven until browned to an ideal crispness. www.mainlinefoods.com