Chaim (28) and Mariasha Fyzakov (26) originally from Denver and Montreal respectively, moved to Los Angeles shortly after getting married 5 years ago. When they realized the great need for local, fresh, Cholov Yisroel milk Chaim got straight to work placing phone call after phone call. It was no easy task finding a farm close by, but with much persistence he found a small farm in Los Angeles who were looking to expand from their usual raw milk sales to processing milk. The timing was just right! It was a big job to pull the project together, but they are thrilled to be able to provide the Los Angeles community with a fresher and local option.
The milking and processing are both done on site and then distributed into stores the following morning. Can’t get fresher than that!! Currently, whole milk, low fat milk, and non fat milk are being processed and sold at stores with the hopes of more products such as chocolate milk, organic milk, goat milk and heavy cream in the near future.