BobbySue’s Nuts! was founded in 2008 by Barb “bobbysue” Kobren who took a family recipe and used it as the foundation for a new company with the goal of delivering a delicious product to consumers while supporting a cause that was near and dear to her heart.  Our products offer delicious combinations of all-natural, Non GMO almonds, cashews and pecans coated with a delicate meringue made from a special blend of spices.
We’re so nuts about quality that we should be committed…and we are…to creating the ultimate snacking experience. There are no shortcuts, as we hand-roast our scrumptious combinations in small batches to bring you insanely delicious flavors you’ll crave.
And, when you purchase our nuts, you support animal welfare. Our goal is to help build modern shelters for all animals in need. We hope you’re just as passionate about your goals…and what you eat!  Visit us at!