Your Kosher Kitchen: Frying Pans

Someone taking a fleishig utensil and using it for milchig, or vice versa – sounds familiar? If you have been quarantined for long enough this is bound to happen.
The actual halacha is beyond the scope of this article but this will provide an overview for one to better understand the actual question at hand. Can the frying pan be kashered? Does it make a difference if it’s from treif or from milchig to fleishig? What about from fleishig/milchig to pareve? Can I have my favorite frying pan kashered for Pesach?

Your Kosher Kitchen – The BBQ

Spring is in the air and everyone is looking forward to spending more time outside. This, of course, means its BBQ season! Let’s explore the common kashrus issues facing the kosher consumer. 

Keeping Kosher When Vegan

Keeping Kosher When Vegan Going vegan is one of the top culinary trends of 2018, fueled by both health and eco conscious motives, with approximately 6% of Americans currently identifying as vegan. Vegan food does not contain ANY animal products …

Your Kosher Kitchen: the Dishwasher

1. I put a dairy dish in a meat dishwasher (or vice versa). Do I need to kasher my dish? If the dish/utensil is metal or wooden, one should leave it unused for 24 hours and then kasher it by …