Is Quinoa Kitniyos?

The Rishonim give two reasons for the prohibition of kitniyos. First, because of the similarities to the five chometz grains (wheat, barley, rye, spelt and oat) confusion can occur. Cooked dishes made from kitniyos appear similar to those from the five chometz grains. Furthermore, kitniyos are often ground into a flour that can easily be confused with chometz flour. Finally, kitniyos are often grown in fields adjacent to those in which chometz is grown (and processed on the same equipment or stored together) and the kitniyos and chometz can easily mix together.

Cholov Yisroel in California

Walk into any kosher grocery or supermarket in Los Angeles or surrounding communities and you have not just one, but a choice of two, brands of fresh, local, OK certified Cholov Yisroel milk. While it may seem strange to get excited about a simple cup of milk, for many people in these communities this has been a long-awaited dream come true.

Your Kosher Kitchen: Kashering Countertops for Pesach

Countertops must either be kashered or covered for Pesach. If covering, one should make sure to use a non-porous material that will not easily rip or tear. If kashering, one must first scrub the countertop clean. Then it should be …