What’s the Brocha? Rice

Rice is the seed of a grass species called “oryza”, which has many varieties. It is a staple food for half of the global human population, especially in Asia and Africa. Rice was initially cultivated in China and India, and later spread to the Middle East, Europe and Africa.

First Fruits: An Overview of the Laws of Orlah

It’s Erev Rosh Hashanah and the table is set beautifully, with the tray of apples and honey prominently in the center. Of course, everyone has their personal favorite type of apple – the Gala, the Honey Crisp, the famous Red Delicious… But, there is a new variety of apple on the market that has taken the United States by storm with its instant popularity. The Cosmic Crisp (scientific name WA-38) is an apple with dark red skin, like the color of wine, creamy white flesh, a pleasant flavor and an extended shelf life. It is so dense that the apple feels heavy when held.

Your Kosher Kitchen – Convection Ovens

The idea behind the convection oven is that it provides an even circulation of hot air, so the product is baked and browned evenly (and not burnt on one side) and in less time than a traditional oven. There are some additional varieties of convection ovens, but they all use the same basic mechanism of a fan blowing hot air.

Consumer Questions – Pesach 5778

Dear Kosher Spirit,  1. Can I make kiddush on raisin wine? 2.  Does it need to be mevushal if non-Jews are present?   Rabbinic Coordinator Rabbi Sholom Ber Lepkivker responds: In times of great need, notably in the Russian gulags …