Facing the Ox

Every so often, a complex question of Jewish law presented itself to Rabbi Pinchas Horowitz (1730-1805), the famed Rabbi of Frankfurt, Germany. The neighborhood butcher had brought before him a particularly complicated case.

By The Book

In 1936, the British government created a commission, headed by Viscount Peel, to study the conflict between Jews and Arabs in the protectorate of Palestine.

Never Again

A search of Nosair’s New Jersey apartment revealed his handwritten diary, which called for “jihad against the enemies of Islam” by “destroying the structure of their civilized pillars, their high world buildings which they are proud of.”

The General’s Rebbe

With the dust from the Six-Day War still settling, Ariel Sharon took his wife, Lily, and eleven-year-old son, Gur, to visit newly liberated Jerusalem.

Liberty, Equality and Fraternity… Bitterly

During the French revolution, Voltaire and Rousseau were faced with a curious dilemma. Amongst their writings on tolerance, they had inserted copious anti-Semitic commentaries, but were still trapped into unwillingly tolerating the Jews.