Pesach Oils

Like oil, the Jewish people have undergone crushing challenges that brought out inner greatness. Like oil, the Jewish people have spread out across the world and disseminated the wellsprings of the Torah wherever we have gone.

A Humble Expert

Rabbi Levy was a very deep thinker who was able to analyze all angles and take things apart quite effectively, while simultaneously having a clear vision of the bigger picture.

Consumer Questions – Tishrei 5777

Dear Kosher Spirit, During the Aseres Yemei Teshuva, most people are more careful to consume only Pas Yisroel baked goods. I’ve been wondering, do granola and granola bars need to be Pas Yisroel? Rabbi Hanoka responds: First, let me explain …

The Art of Kosher Certification

The art of supervision is to be able to understand the pertinent halachos and the production process in order to figure out a way to make it work when problems arise without compromising the high standards of kashrus or quality.