Wine Processing

The Gemara asks, “How do we know that wine is prohibited?” The rabbis then explain that the source for this prohibition is the posuk in Devarim 32:38 that compares wine offerings to idol sacrifices. 

Kosher Colorings

On Yom Kippur the Kohen Gadol would hang a red piece of wool in the Bais Hamikdash. Once the wool turned white they knew our sins were forgiven… Human beings have been tinkering with food for thousands of years. Salt, …

What’s Up With Wasa Crispbread?

There is a custom not to eat matzah for thirty days before Pesach. However, this only applies to kosher for Passover, plain matzah. There are matzos that have other ingredients, like salt and spices, that do not fall under the …

What Brocha Do We Make on Hearts of Palm

Hearts of palm come from the center (or heart) of the palm tree. Palm trees can grow for 50-75 years and produce a variety of fruit, such as dates and coconuts, and other less widely used varietals. The fruit usually …

Olive Oil

Centuries ago, one of the staple items that was found in most homes was olive oil. Olive oil was used to light up the house, to soften and perfume skin and of course for human consumption. Often meals in those days consisted of bread dipped in olive oil.