Your Kosher Kitchen – Fryers

Many Jews have the custom to eat fried foods on Chanukah to commemorate the miracle of the pure oil found in the Beis HaMikdash. There are many different ways to fry food, but this article will focus on the traditional deep fryer and the new fad on the market, the air fryer.

Your Kosher Kitchen – Hot Plates

According to some Poskim, if the above requirements are met, one may place completely cooked dry foods on a hot plate on Shabbos. However, any food that is moist and will drip – even if the food is only moist inside,
but the moisture will drip to the outside when heated – may not be placed on a hot plate on Shabbos.

Sous Vide: Sink or Swim?

The sous vide has taken the cooking world by storm, but as observant Jews we have to look beyond the culinary aspect of the trend and delve into the potential halachic concerns for this unique kitchen appliance.

Your Kosher Kitchen

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