OK Around the World – Spotlight on India

OK Kosher makes many visits by qualified, trained mashgichim regularly throughout the year to supplier sites across the country. This is to verify the kosher status of their products for our certified clients to be able to buy approved and supervised ingredients from them. Bulk liquid shipment, often referred to as ISO tank shipment, of vegetable oils is also quite common in this industry. This is a central piece of any kosher certification of oleochemicals, as the status of the tankers ultimately affects the kashrus of the end product.

A True Leader

Rabbi Levy showed me what it means to be a true leader—he led us with conviction, with principle, with a clear plan, and with true concern for each one of us. This is what propelled the OK to the top of the kashrus world and what will keep us focused on our mission to continue the shlichus that Rabbi Levy established for each one of us.

Teaching Our Kids to Pitch-In!

The days and weeks leading up to Pesach are punctuated by the smell of Clorox and a slightly topsy-turvy home. While the requirement to clean for Pesach only applies to removing chometz, many Jewish homes are in full “Spring Cleaning” …

Why Defile the Oil

The miracle of the one pure bottle of oil, which lasted for eight days and nights, symbolizes the Jews eternal connection to G-d, which can never be severed, no matter who or what the enemy.

Chassidic Insights: Restraint

At the end of the month of Tishrei, congregations around the world will read Parshas Bereishis, which is first portion in the cycle of Torah readings and filled with teachings relevant for a new year. This parsha contains the first …

From Golus To Geulah

here are three different ways that people view the Torah. Some say that the stories in the Torah are merely symbolic and should not be taken as truth, chas v’sholom. The traditional opinion is that every story in the Torah is absolute truth and is an actual record of events. The third view is that of Chassidus.

Chassidic Insights: The Middle Matzah

The fourth step of the Pesach seder is “Yachatz”, breaking the middle matzah. When we break the matzah, each piece gets its own, opposing identity. The smaller piece is the “poor man’s bread”, while the larger becomes the Afikoman, a symbol of the Paschal lamb.

Alexia Foods

The splatter of oil droplets, the distinctive aroma of potato latkes, Chanukah’s signature dish. Crisp, golden and cooked to delicious perfection. The elusive perfect French fries and hash browns, once only available in restaurants, are now available at home, thanks to Alexia Foods.

Chanukah Victory of the Soul

The Talmud asks in Tractate Shabbos, “What is Chanukah?” According to Rashi, the real question is, “What is the miracle that we celebrate on Chanukah?

Moshiachs Seudah

The last day of Pesach, called Acharon Shel Pesach, is connected to the coming of Moshiach and is marked by a special meal featuring matzah and four cups of wine.

Simchas Beis Hashoeva

During the time of the Beis HaMikdash, nisuch hamayim (pouring of the water) was an important part of Sukkos. During the year, the daily korbonos (offerings) on the altar were accompanied by a wine offering, but on Sukkos, water was offered in addition to wine.

The Chometz Within

A beautiful story of The Alter Rebbe, Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi, and his search for chometz.

Chassidic Insights into Chanukah

They see the vast amount of light that Chanukah has to offer. They understand how accessing this light can inspire and elevate any Jew.