Keeping Kosher in… Greece

Had someone suggested that two millennia later Jews would not only be keeping kosher in Israel, but in Greece itself…. well, chances are that Antiochus would have enjoyed a good laugh at the ludicracy of the notion.

Keeping Kosher in… Buckingham Palace

As I peered through the palace gates, I wondered what lay beyond those doors so awesomely guarded by those live toy soldiers. I wondered what it would be like to actually dine with the Queen.

Keeping Kosher in… Japan

It’s no secret that Japan is a leader in the electrical and automotive industries. Yet despite the army of American foods stationed in my cabinet, a simple inquiry would reveal many of their ingredients, too, can be traced back to Japan.

Keeping Kosher in… New York 1930s & 1940s

In the 1930s and 1940s, Jewish life in New York presented a different kind of challenge. There were no kosher supermarkets, no restaurants and bakeries on every corner.

Kosher Combat

Deep in the woods a young man crouches, peering through the shrubbery. His fatigues are dusty and his beard is tangled. He is searching. His mission: track down berries.