Close up on bottles in a food manufacturing facility or bottling plant., such as an added facility to a kosher program.

Already OK Kosher Certified In One Location?

Your company is authorized to use the OK Kosher trademarks, but only for products made at OK-certified facilities. So if you’re branching out into new plants, you may be able to get those plants certified kosher too. Expand or consolidate your manufacturing operations under one, globally-recognized symbol. To learn how to add a facility to your OK Kosher certification, read below!

A Kosher Branding Advantage

Even for facilities with no certification, or under a different kosher certification agency, we can help you keep everything streamlined. Often, we can work with the existing certification to incorporate our certification at the facility seamlessly. Putting out a consistent brand image to your consumer base is crucial to maintaining their loyalty and trust in your products.

How to Get Started With a New Plant

Your first step is to submit an Additional Facility Application Form. After that, your kosher contact person will hear from our office to set up an Initial Visit to that facility. Next, a New Facilities Specialist will walk you through all the needed steps. The Rabbinic Coordinator assigned to your account will then make a plan to customize the kosher procedures required at the site. Then, we’ll draw up a rider to your current contract.

Transparency and Assurance for Kosher Consumers

Until we certify the new facility, our contract prohibits the use of OK Kosher trademarked symbols on those products. For the full rights and restrictions, see our OK Kosher Symbol Rights and Usage page. OK Kosher also requires co-packers to sign a limited agreement, to abide by regulations for OK-certified productions. This protects your company from misrepresentation and the end user – the kosher consumer – from misunderstanding.

Need Help?

If you have any questions or need help in applying, reach out to your OK Kosher Account Rep or send an email to [email protected]