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Dear Reader,

We are living in exciting times. Our Sages say, “B’Nissan nigalu u’b’nissan asidim l’higo’el… [In the month of Nissan our forefathers were redeemed from Egypt, and in Nissan we will once again be redeemed]” (Rosh HaShanah 11a).

When Moshiach comes the whole world will be filled with revealed holiness; the world will be a kosher place. Just like we prepare for Shabbos on Erev Shabbos, and even taste some of the Shabbos food, today, as we stand at the threshold of Moshiach, it is our responsibility to prepare the world to do all that we can to be ready for that splendid time.

Baruch Hashem, today there are hundreds of thousands kosher products readily available for anyone who wants. After the industrial revolution and an abundance of products were widely available, hardworking and dedicated people saw to it that the food would be made kosher. Holy seforim are printed in so many languages, and are available online and on smartphones.

The past twenty years have seen such a tremendous growth in electronics and mobile access, where vast amounts of products, knowledge and information is available with a click or the touch on a screen. Once again, we are faced with the challenge of making it holy and kosher.

It is with gratitude to Hashem that the OK was granted this task by ICANN (the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) and given the mandate to monitor and administer a whole new area of the digital domain, which will soon be known as .Kosher (like .com and .org), where the kosher consumer can be confident that every site ending in .Kosher will be kosher without compromise.

Best wishes for a kosher and frielichen Pesach
Rabbi Chaim Fogelman