Misuse of the OK Kosher Trademarked Symbol on Ketogenic Products

May 2022

OK Kosher Certification is aware that there have been several instances of companies misusing the OK Kosher certification mark (a circle with a K) in relation to ketogenic (keto) dietary claims, often with the word keto under the OK Kosher certification mark.

We would like to assure you that OK Kosher’s legal department and attorneys have contested each use of which we’ve become aware and, to date, have been successful in defending our mark and having it removed from all instances of misuse.  We have and will follow up vigorously with any company found to be using the OK Kosher certification mark illegally.

The OK Kosher certification mark is a globally registered trademark. It represents to consumers that any product bearing the OK Kosher certification mark is certified by OK Kosher. Consequently, any companies using the trademark on products which have not been certified by OK Kosher, are infringing on our trademark rights and using a counterfeit mark.

We would like to take this important opportunity to remind consumers that, when in doubt, please refer to the OK Kosher Product Search on our website or on the OK Kosher app.

If you find products whose labels bear the OK Kosher symbol but are not listed on our website or the OK Kosher Food App, please bring this to our attention, either via the app or by sending an email to [email protected].