Important Information About the Kosher Food Guide

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One of the great features of the OK website is the Kosher Food Guide (KFG).

This guide is continuously updated with newly certified products, providing you with maximum exposure to kosher consumers.

Each time you submit an Application for New Product/Formula, there is an option to select a category for the product. By selecting a category, you enable the product to be listed in the KFG database on our website.

When a product is listed in the KFG, a consumer or industrial buyer can search for your product by category or product name. In addition, if a consumer or buyer searches for a particular category of products, your product will be included in the search results if it is part of that category.

If you have any questions about categorizing your products, or the KFG in general, please do not hesitate to contact your account representative.

If you do NOT wish for your products to be listed in the KFG, kindly email and state your preference. If we do not receive a response and you have not indicated your preference on the Application for New Product/Formula, your products will be listed in the KFG.

What Does Pareve Mean?

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A pareve (neutral) product is made from inherently kosher or kosher certified ingredients that are neither meat, nor dairy. Some examples of pareve ingredients are raw fruits & vegetables, flour, sugar, kosher fish, and eggs.

A pareve (neutral) product is made from inherently kosher or kosher certified ingredients that are neither meat, nor dairy. Some examples of pareve ingredients are raw fruits & vegetables, flour, sugar, kosher fish, and eggs. (more…)

OK Services, Features and Benefits – Part 1

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The free benefits of being associated with the OK (which are unparalleled in the industry) are geared to increase your bottom line.

OK Kosher Certification is a globally recognized brand and registered trademark, relied on by millions of consumers around the world. In our commitment to meeting our client’s needs, we have invested a significant portion of our resources into implementing extremely advanced systems to manage our processes and operations. Moreover, as we encourage our clients to enjoy a completely seamless digital experience when it comes to Kosher, we are proud to say that we have also provided them with many tools that make this possible. The direct benefits to our clients can be realized in a number of specific areas:

Part 1 – Paperless distribution of certificates to you clients.

• You can distribute your K-ID’s directly from the product list page on DigitalKosher to your clients.

• Create your own Custom Kosher certification letters.

• Your customers will receive e-mail notification of updated certificates on an annual basis.

• This will translate into valuable time saved. Personnel will not have to A) track all the companies you sent certificates to and B) resend them- we will handle both these items.

• Customers can automatically be notified of changes of any kind to your certificates without you having to resend them. (provided the certificates were e-mailed to the customer out of DigitalKosher.

• You will not have to keep track of everyone you sent a certificate to. Therefore customer service personnel and Sales representatives will save many invaluable hours.

• Ask your Account Representative for more information about our services.

NY Area Costco Stores Honored by OK Kosher

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Where can you find high-end food products, combined with top-notch kosher supervision and warehouse prices? Five Costco stores in the New York area provide this unique, niche product line, serving a large community of price-conscious and kosher-conscious consumers.

For over a decade, Costco kosher bakeries in Brooklyn, NY, Lawrence, NY, Nanuet, NY, New Rochelle, NY, and Hackensack, NJ have been under the kosher supervision of OK Kosher Certification, providing their customers with fresh, quality, kosher baked goods at prices that cannot be beat.

Costco – Lawrence was the pilot store for a line OK Kosher certified Cholov Yisroel cheese, along with top-quality, OK Kosher certified, Choice grade Glatt Kosher chasidshe shchita beef produced by Colorado Kosher Beef. Costco stores in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Nanuet now carry this kosher beef as well and many Costco stores already carry the Cholov Yisroel cheese.

Recently, OK Kosher Certification held its annual rabbinical conference near its headquarters in Brooklyn, New York, with over 100 rabbis from across the globe in attendance.

This year, in recognition of the unique relationship between Costco and the OK and Costco’s efforts to bring high quality kosher products to the kosher consumer, the OK chose these New York area Costco stores as the Featured Company for the 2009 conference.

Mr. Ken Aicardi, Regional Manager, and Mr. Adam Self, Manager of Costco – Lawrence, were in attendance to accept the awards on behalf of Price-Costco headquarters and the other honored stores. Plaques were also personally presented on location to: Richard Amber, Bakery Manager – Lawrence, NY; Bruce Henry, Bakery Manager – Hackensack, NJ; Carlos Sanchez, Bakery Manager – New Rochelle, NY; Craig Ragland, Bakery Manager – Brooklyn, NY; and, Cassandra St. Fleur, Bakery Manager – Nanuet, NY.