What Can the OK Do For You? Digital Kosher Tip #1

posted by April 2012

DigitalKosher has added another layer of flexibility for customers that wish to create their own custom kosher certificates online. In addition to the ability to create a certificate with all your items on it, you can also click to “Create a certificate with specific items” from the Custom Kosher Certification Letters page. After choosing which labeler you need your certificate for, you can search your product list using specific criteria (or no criteria at all) and Select All products or only specific products that come up in the search results to add to a custom kosher certificate.ImageImage

OK Services, Features and Benefits – Part 2

posted by June 2010

Online real-time access to your product list.

    • Download your list as an Excel document and view all of the data behind certificates and products, including: labeler information, production location, kosher status and restrictions.
    • All changes to products (i.e. name change, etc.) that are made in K-Cert, the OK database, will be automatically updated on DigitalKosher.
    • The ability to list all of your kosher certified products on your website without commissioning your IT department.

Online, paperless submission of products and ingredients, including real-time status updates.

    • Ingredient and product (formula) submissions can be made electronically.
    • Real time updates of your ingredient and product submissions are available for online viewing.
    • This translates into complete control of submissions and updates. You will always know the status of your submissions and will  be able to schedule productions accordingly.

OK Services, Features and Benefits – Part 1

posted by January 2010

The free benefits of being associated with the OK (which are unparalleled in the industry) are geared to increase your bottom line.

OK Kosher Certification is a globally recognized brand and registered trademark, relied on by millions of consumers around the world. In our commitment to meeting our client’s needs, we have invested a significant portion of our resources into implementing extremely advanced systems to manage our processes and operations. Moreover, as we encourage our clients to enjoy a completely seamless digital experience when it comes to Kosher, we are proud to say that we have also provided them with many tools that make this possible. The direct benefits to our clients can be realized in a number of specific areas:

Part 1 – Paperless distribution of certificates to you clients.

• You can distribute your K-ID’s directly from the product list page on DigitalKosher to your clients.

• Create your own Custom Kosher certification letters.

• Your customers will receive e-mail notification of updated certificates on an annual basis.

• This will translate into valuable time saved. Personnel will not have to A) track all the companies you sent certificates to and B) resend them- we will handle both these items.

• Customers can automatically be notified of changes of any kind to your certificates without you having to resend them. (provided the certificates were e-mailed to the customer out of DigitalKosher.

• You will not have to keep track of everyone you sent a certificate to. Therefore customer service personnel and Sales representatives will save many invaluable hours.

• Ask your Account Representative for more information about our services.