Prompt and detailed information regarding OK Kosher Alerts

Please be advised that Cocoa Metro Organic Belgian Cocoa Powder and Cocoa Metro Organic Belgian Drinking Chocolate of Cocoa Metro, Inc. St. George, UT 84770 bear an unauthorized OK symbol on the packaging. These products are NOT certified by OK Kosher Certification. Corrective action has been taken.

Please be advised that as of May 22, 2017: Pita King (444 West Railroad Ave., West Palm Beach, FL) is no longer certified by OK KOSHER CERTIFICATION

Please be advised that A limited amount of 7-Select Vanilla Creme Cookies (sold in 7-Eleven stores) mistakenly bear a plain OK symbol, instead of the required OKD symbol. This product is certified kosher and dairy. Corrective actions were taken.

Please be advised that Until recently the OK certified organic and non-organic carrots from Baldor Specialty Foods. Please note that since Baldor is now receiving carrots from Israel, the OK will not be certifying Baldor’s carrots for the foreseeable future.

Please be advised that New York’s Delicacy Smoked Salmon, Champagne & Orange flavor of Fresh2yourdoor Houston, TX 77096 mistakenly bears an OK kosher symbol on the packaging. This product is NOT KOSHER. Corrective actions were taken.

We are pleased to announce that due to the cooperation of Bagel Time (3915 Alton Road, Miami Beach, FL), OK Kosher has reinstated certification of the restaurant. All dairy products are Cholov Yisroel. All baked products are Pas Yisroel. There is a mashgiach Temidi on premises at all times.

Please be advised that Giusto Sapore Sweet Stuffed Cherry Peppers of Just-Ryt Foods Inc./South Florida Imports, Fort Lauderdale, FL. mistakenly bear an OK kosher symbol. This product is NOT KOSHER. Corrective action has been taken.

Please be advised that As of May 2nd, 2017 OK Kosher Certification has revoked kosher certification of Bagel Time Restaurant 3915 Alton Road, Miami Beach, FL 33140 due to kashrus violations.

Please be advised that It has come to the OK’s attention that Prigat Strawberry Banana Drink (Can) UPC: 7 290001 594452 with a Best Before Date of Feb/06/18 Has been stamped erroneously as Kosher for Passover. The OK does not certify this above mentioned product as Kosher for Passover and this product shall not be consumed on Passover. This product is kosher for year round non-Passover use. This notice applies strictly to above mentioned product. All other Prigat products that bear the Passover symbol are kosher for Passover without any concern.