Once an application for kosher certification (or for the addition of a new facility) has been received by our office, an Initial Inspection Visit to the facility will be scheduled . The purpose of this Initial Visit is to provide OK Kosher with a comprehensive understanding of the unique nature of your facility, so that your certification program can be established with utmost efficiency.

The visit will be conducted by an appropriately qualified OK Kosher Representative, and will entail a thorough inspection of production lines, purchasing, receiving, storage, cleaning procedures and logs.  It will also include a review of ingredients and product formulae, and any other specific information which would be relevant to your potential kosher program.  This information will then be submitted in a detailed, written report to our Rabbinic Board.

The Initial Visit provides your assigned Rabbinic Coordinator (RC) with the necessary information he needs to be able to:

  • Educate your plant personnel regarding the specific kosher requirements for your facility. (A final determination of the facility’s status, with relevant instructions, will of course be conveyed to your staff in writing).
  • Provide instructions for the local OK Kosher Field Representative who will be assigned to conduct periodic mid-year visits, or supervise your kosher productions.

Please ensure that relevant plant personnel are available for any questions the rabbi may have.


P.S: Please note that due to Jewish law and tradition, the Rabbi does not shake hands with female personnel. This is done out of modesty and respect. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.