For your product or plant to be certified kosher, every ingredient—and the way in which it is processed—must be kosher compliant. Here’s a guided look at the certification process.

TIMELINE TO KOSHER: The time between application and certification depends on applicant response time. Our staff is committed to making the process as smooth and as swift as possible.

What to expect during the OK Kosher certification process:

1. Application

Every manufacturer has its own unique specifications. Your completed application will give us the basic picture we’ll need in order to assign to you the most appropriately experienced Rabbinic Coordinator for your particular type of manufacturing

2. Consultation

Your assigned Rabbinic Coordinator (RC) will reach out to you to discuss your manufacturing process and outline the basics of kosher compliance. During your consultation you will be asked what your goals and expectations are with regard to kosher. The rabbi will be able to answer any questions you have about starting and maintaining your kosher facility, and can advise you on the best decisions to make in order to operate kosher.

3. Quote

Quotes are given as an annual fee, which includes our certification package. We never charge you per product, or on the size of your output, but for your overall certification program. There is no one set fee for certification. Your fee will be quoted based upon the scope of work that’s required from us.

4. Initial Visit & Data

With your go-ahead, a New Accounts Specialist will walk you through the process of submitting the needed information about your raw materials and ingredients. Simultaneously, we will arrange for a visit to your facility to observe the operations. The Rabbi will make all the necessary plans and procedures to create and maintain a kosher setup for your production, with both the utmost level of kosher standards and your company’s benefit in mind. Your staff will be trained to facilitate the upkeep of your “kosher program” in the easiest way possible.

5. Agreement

After this Initial Visit, your contract will drafted and sent to you. It will include the terms and conditions required to obtain and maintain kosher certification.


Congratulations, you are now ready to receive your kosher certificates, granting you the right to display our registered, trademarked (OK) symbol on certified products and marketing materials. Your product is now certified kosher by the world’s most trusted agency. At this point, you will be assigned your Account Representative – your dedicated contact here at OK Kosher, who will be there to assist you with any needs you may have pertaining to your kosher profile, on an ongoing basis.

With your approval, your certified products will be listed in the OK Kosher Online Food Guide, on our website, and in our various consumer media outlets.